Comprehensive Labour and
Delivery Services Including

Normal and High-risk pregnancies

Women with Pre-existing Medical Problems-Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, Kidney Disease

Women who had or having diabetes, thyroid diseases, heart diseases and kidney diseases or are obese even before they became pregnant may need special attention during their pregnancy. If they had any of these pre-existing conditions, then their treatment needs to be modified so as to prepare for pregnancy. You should let your doctor know about the medications you are taking for conditions such as blood pressure and seizures as they may cause harm to your foetus. Ensure that your health problems are managed properly and you get a good antenatal support.

Thyroid Diseases

Thyroid disorders such as uncontrolled hyperthyroidism may cause health problems including heart failure and inadequate weight gain in the foetus whereas hypothyroidism poses a danger to women’s health and causes birth defects in the baby. If left untreated, thyroid problems can endanger your pregnancy and affect the growth of your baby in the womb. Make sure your pregnancy is planned and thyroid problems are well under control before you become pregnant. Otherwise, you may face complications such as preeclampsia, premature labour, placental abruption, miscarriage and heart failure during your pregnancy. There may be health problems in the newborn such as low birth weight, stillbirth and thyroid problems.


If you have high blood sugar level you should get diabetes under control at least 3-6 months before planning your pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy can affect the foetus and lead to long term diabetes complications.

Kidney Diseases

Women with kidney disease may have complications during pregnancy due to impaired kidney functions and hypertension which may result in preterm birth. Pregnancy affects the course of kidney disease. In some women with kidney disease and hypertension, the functions of the kidney deteriorate at a more rapid rate during pregnancy. This makes maintenance of healthy pregnancy difficult as kidney disease progresses. Pre-existing kidney disease increases the risk for pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia, premature labour and intrauterine growth restriction.